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The "Live, Walk, Bark" Project

Founded by Mia Perulli

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Our mission.

I started this project with the mission of improving the social and mental health of my community via the use of physical exercise with man's best friend. We share many characteristics with our four legged friends, including the importance of ones  mental and physical health. In other words, exercise is as important to dogs as it is to us. Many do not know the effect of minimal exercise on their beloved pets until its too late. Thus I began my project, hoping to establish agility equipment in my local dog park to encourage the dog owners of my community to improve their, and their dogs, health. While its not yet complete, I hope to spread the word of the missions to other communities around the world, in hopes of improving the dwindling health of our society.

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Open Daily: 8am to dusk

To meet me there, contact me via my email. 

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Our Team

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Mia Perulli


Mia Perulli is the founder of the girl scout gold award project: "Live, Walk, Bark". She is currently a sophomore in Paul D. Schreiber High School, and is a long-term member of girl scout troop 407. It is her goal to help the dogs and dog owners of her community, as well as the entire world. She currently has three dogs: Parker, Olive, and Oreo.


Jim Avena

Mayor of Manorhaven

Since joining Live, Walk, Bark, Jim Avena has played a crucial role in the continued success of the project. His exceptional skill set, and passion and creativity has made this mission possible.


Joanne Meyer-Jendras and Nanci Goldberg

Mentor and Adviser

Joanne Meyer-Jendras is Mia's mentor for this project, allowing it to become a reality. With her guidance, Live Walk Bark will develop into a mission and goal of other communities. 
Nanci Goldberg is Mia's adviser throughout this gold award project. She encourages Mia's ideas as well as puts forth her own, all of which contribute to the effectiveness of this project.

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Get in Touch

Manorhaven, Preserve Road, Port Washington, NY 11050, USA

(516) 672-5500

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